Monday, November 3, 2008

Tomorrow is Election Day!

I have to admit you would have to be living under a rock not to know that tomorrow is election day and Americans will head to the polls to vote for not only President, but also for members of the House of Representatives (and Senate depending on your state), State and Local officials, and even School Board.  This will be the third Presidential election that (depending on age) the Class of 2003 will have had the opportunity to vote in, have you voted?

For last two weeks I have been working in Sioux City, Iowa on behalf of one of the candidates and it has been an amazing experience.  For me, it has been great to step outside of the beltway and travel to the heartland and meet and talk with the people of this great country.  For example, yesterday, I discovered that one of our very dedicated volunteers, Bob, has provided a home for over 100 foster children.  He and his wife, in their 60's, are proud parents to 11, six biological and five adopted.  Yet every night he comes into our HQ to make calls, leaving behind his wife and the three foster children (all under the age of two) who they are currently caring for.  Simply amazing. 

People are certainly passionate about their candidate, but above all, they are passionate about their country.  Regardless of the outcome of the Presidential race, I believe that the people of this country will continue to work together to move this country forward.  

Have you dedicated time and energy to a campaign, Presidential or other?  I would encourage you to share your experiences. 

Note:  I hope that this will give people an opportunity to share positive experiences and not take to "bashing" either candidate.  Please be respectful in your comments.  

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